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Faculty of Computer Engineering

The Faculty of Computer Engineering focuses on the principles and methodologies involved in the design and development of hardware systems and software components and the operation of those systems. Computer engineering is connected to many aspects of computing: from designs for simple electronic circuits to microprocessors, personal computers and even supercomputers, especially the design of embedded systems used in almost all electrical devices such as mobile phones, cars, machine controllers, industrial robots, etc.


The Board of the Faculty consists of four members, including the Dean who runs the faculty, a vice-dean who is in charge of training, another vice-dean is responsible for science & technology research and developing postgraduate education, and the third vice-dean who is accountable for management as well as local and international cooperation programs. The faculty board is also supported by assistants and secretaries in making important decisions related to training, development strategies, etc. The Science Council of the Computer Engineering faculty includes Ph.D. professors, readers, respected visitors, science researchers and external advisors.


The Faculty of Computer Engineering researches the design and production of devices, and finds solutions for a large range of applications, from advanced applications in industry to household appliances. In general, high-tech areas are still new in Vietnam, but will certainly experience very fast growth in the near future. The need for qualified staff in high-tech industries is huge.


  -     Embedded systems.

  -     Robotics & mechatronics.

  -     Electron physics & circuit design.


Faculty of Computer Engineering

Room: 325 and 327 – Building A

Tel: 08. 37251993 – Ext: 121