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The high quality program

With the goal of building high quality training programs in line with the international standards, training the highly skilled engineers with the foreign language proficiency meeting the fastest demands of new technology in the world, 2012, University of Information Technology deploys high quality training programs:

  • Computer Engineering - Duration: 4.5 years
  • Software Engineering - Duration: 4.5 years
  • Information Systems - Duration: 4.5 years

The program is delivered with the modern curriculum, teaching methods in bilingual or in English in some subjects (at least 8 subjects, about 10-20% of the total credits of the program). In addition, students are given the opportunity to develop creative thinking, teamwork ... to meet the demands of the labor market.


Candidates who volunteer to participate in the program must meet the following requirements:

- Students taking the National Entrance Examination pass the admission requirement to the University of Information Technology.

- Students entering the program will be tested for TOEFL PBT 400 after the first two years and TOEFL PBT 450 after 4 years.


- The qualified lecturers having master's degrees or higher and having a lot of teaching experience and scientific research achievements directly teach students.

- Each class has a dedicated teaching assistant team and academic advisors, who will support the students throughout the learning process.

- Small-sized classes (30-40 students per class) for the theoretical subjects and less than 20 students per class for hands-on/discussion classes and assignments.

- Classrooms are equipped with high-end facilities, including: projector, internet, wifi, air conditioner, modern hi-fi stereo system.

- Self-learning rooms designed with modern equipment; The library of foreign language books is open freely.

- Students are strengthened in English learning;

- Students are given priority to apply for the internships and job opportunities after graduation.

- There are buses for picking students from the center to the University in Thu Duc and vice versa.

The tuition fee for the 2016 program is $ 28 million per year (first two years) and $ 30 million per year (the next academic years).


After graduating from the high quality program of the University of Information Technology, the engineers can undertake a wide range of works in the specialized field, working for government agencies and research institutes.