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Information Systems Faculty

An information system is a combination of hardware, software and communication networks, which is built to collect, store and process data and deliver useful information and knowledge.

We offer two engineering programs of standard cost, one of which is for more able students, along with a more expensive program comprising different facilities and delivered entirely in English.

These programs help students master knowledge about information systems, ranging from the basic to the highly specialized, in order to meet society’s needs in information technology research, development and applications.


The Faculty prides itself on its leading team of highly experienced and committed professors of Information Systems, who always exert a great deal of effort in their teaching practices as well as scientific research and application.


  -     Developing advanced database (DB) systems such as real-time DB, multi-media DB, open DB, graphic DB, and deductive DB.

  -     System analysis and design methods.

  -     Developing the application of research models interdisciplinary between information systems and other sciences such as biology, chemistry, environment, etc.

  -     Exploiting knowledge from databases, managing data warehouses, using search engines to find information on the web, searching for word definitions

  -     Developing Business Intelligence applications


  -     Management Information Systems

  -     Intelligence Information Systems


Faculty of Information Systems

Room 315 - Building A

Tel: 08. 37251993 – Ext: 119