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Office of Equipment Management

1. Introduction:



2. Function: Advise and assist the President in the planning, construction, repair, asset management and administration of the facilities. Carry out the procurement, maintenance, repair, liquidation and tracking of the effective use of the University’s assets and facilities for teaching, research, work and study.

3. Mission:

  • Develop regulations on the management, distribution, use and maintenance of equipment, materials and assets.
  • Make and implement plans: to build, supplement and repair works and facilities for the management, teaching, learning and the other activities in the University.
  • Lead the management, inspection and in conjunction with the consultancy units supervising the construction of construction works from all sources of capital construction and repair in the University according to the current regulations.
  • Lead, coordinate with asset management and facilities management, work, teaching and learning facilities. Asset management from the international cooperation projects of the University. Instruct and direct the inventory of assets in the units, inventory the common property of the University periodically or at the request of the higher level.
  • Directly manage the use of common property (not managed by other units) of the University. Organize the inventory and inventory of inventory and asset classification periodically and at the request of the higher level.
  • The focal point for organizing the bidding, procurement, distribution of materials, equipment, means and tools in service of teaching, teaching and learning according to the current regulations of the University.
  • Implement the depreciation regime of equipment and supplies according to the regulations of the higher level. Together with the Office of Finance and Planning Affairs to inspect the use of assets; to inventory and evaluate the quality and value of assets, to calculate the depreciation and to organize the liquidation of assets periodically and extraordinarily.
  • Be responsible for the prevention of housing degradation by the University.

4. Contact:

Address: Quarter 6, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City
Telephone: (028) 372 51993 Ext: 124