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Office of Finance and Planning Affairs

1. Introduction:


- Deputy Head: NGUYEN NGOC LAN

2. Function: To advise and assist the President to perform the function of managing the finance and planning work of the University; implementing the centralized management and effectively using of the financial resources of the University in accordance with the regulations of the government.

3. Duties:

- Developing and implementing the financial plans in the short, medium and long term.

- Being responsible for the financial management, data management of the property, cash management, documents and accounts of the University.

- Managing revenues and expenditures receiving from the government budget or the other resources; promptly and honestly collecting the tuition fees and other charges of students; the revenues and expenditures paid by other units and other individuals of the University; the revenues and expenditures from other partners signing contracts with the University; advising the Board of Director to increase the revenues for the University.

- The focal point in the development, modification, supplement following the internal expenditure regulations of the University annually; working with the University Council to advise the President on financial regimes, wages, bonuses, and allowances, as well as the policies and the procedures for the University’s staffs.

- Estimating and implementing expenditure estimate according to the approved budget plan. To carry out the budget final finalization, the financial reports within the prescribed time limit as well as the observance of the economic and the financial policies, standards, the spending norms and the financial disciplines of the government.

- Paying salaries, social insurance, health insurance, human accident insurance, management allowances, teaching allowances, welfare, overtime and other allowances for officials, staffs and seasonal contract workers; scholarships, allowances for students and all other expenses for study, teaching, scientific research, construction of facilities, repair, procurement of equipment ... of the University according to the existing regulations.

- Coordinating with other functional departments in the inventory, procurement and liquidation of the University's assets, the works related to the financial plan as well as to participate in the Council for evaluation of the investment projects, to procure goods in accordance with the regulations of the government.

- Recording, calculating, reflecting the existing data, situation of the rotation and usage of assets, materials and capital; the process and results of the operation with the collection and usage of funds of the unit.

- Guiding and managing the usage of budget and other lawful financial sources of units belonging to UIT. Instructing and inspecting the units attached to the University in the work of estimating and finalizing financial sources in accordance with the financial and accounting regime of the government; synthesizing and reporting the final finalization to the higher level agency and the financial agency.

- Filing financial records in accordance with the regulations of government.

4. Contact:

Address: Quarter 6, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Phone: (028) 37251993 Ext: 108,109