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Office of Graduate Study, Science & Technology

1. Introduction:

Head: Assoc. Prof. LE DINH DUY

Deputy Head: Dr. DUONG NGOC HAO

2. Function: To advise and assist the President in managing graduate and undergraduate training, science and technology activities and the intellectual property of the University.

3. Duties:

3.1. Graduate Education:

  • Develop and submit to the President the approval of the master plan, programs and plans for the universal development of post-graduate training according to the requirements of VNU-HCM and the needs of the society.
  • Organizing researches, renovating and improving: the objectives, programs and structure of postgraduate training suitable for the requirements of the educational professional and towards international integration.
  • Instructing the faculties and departments to build and develop the types of the joint ventures, the joint ventures for training and fostering the post-graduate education with the other Universities, Institutes and the other partners in Vietnam and overseas. Formulating and organizing the implementations of the new pilot projects and the schemes to improve the quality of postgraduate training, participating in the development of the graduate training programs with the foreign countries.
  • Proposing the President to promulgate the University's regulations for the postgraduate education management.
  • Organizing the promotion of the post-graduate enrollments, preside over the post-graduate enrollment process and manage the enrollment records according to regulations.
  • Organizing admission, making cards for students, PhD students; organization of student and the graduate students’ records; Organizing, managing the study and research process of the graduate and post-graduate students.
  • Developing and submitting to the President the approval and implementation of the curriculum, semester and the annual plans for the graduate and post-graduate programs, coordinating with the faculties to invite the lecturers, set the teaching timetable and the exam schedule.
  • Coordinating with Office of Facility Management to arrange the classrooms according to the postgraduate curriculum.
  • Organizing the implementation of the service stages of the process of postgraduate education and fostering the post-graduate and graduate programs according to the decentralization of the President and the current regulations. Organizing the transfer courses for students, the graduate students if required.
  • Proposing the President to consider the graduates and undergraduates for the extension, suspension, researches.
  • Developing a process and managing the assignments for the instructors of the graduates and post-graduates; to advise for the formation of Sub-committees for the doctoral thesis, the Council for the evaluation of the doctoral thesis at all levels; Committee for Masters thesis; to propose the President (through Office of Personnel and Administrative Affairs) to set up the Examination Council, the Council for the recognition of graduation and the Master Degree.
  • Management of degrees, presiding over and collaborating with the relevant units to carry out the procedures for granting the graduate diploma of the University. Verify the legality of the qualification of the trainee of the department if required.
  • Managing, archiving the tests and markings of the entrance exams, archiving the markings of the exam subjects; tabulate, test and submit to the President to sign the final grade point chart for the graduates and post-graduates, certifying the academic results for the graduates and post-graduates.
  • Evaluating and confirming the number of teaching hours of the lecturers for the postgraduate system.
  • Making statistics, timely reporting the data on the postgraduate training activities at the request of the higher level and the University.
  • Coordinating with the Office of Student Affairs to organize the opening and graduation ceremonies for the graduates and post-graduates.
  • Managing the e-info website of the postgraduate training activities.

3.2. Science and technology activities

  • Holding, building the orientations, plan and duty of science and technology, synthesizing science and technology plans in the University. To manage and coordinate all science and technology activities at the University. To monitor and evaluate the implementation of science and technology planning and periodically report the activities of the University to VNU-HCM.
  • Organizing, managing and monitoring the scientific research contracts with the localities and units. To handle the complaints from the customers related to science and technology duties of the University.
  • Presiding in drafting and submitting to the President for promulgation regulations and regulations on management of scientific research, technological development and management of the implementation of regulations, regimes and regulations on science and technology universally in the whole school.
  • Organizing the registration, approval, periodical report, closing of research topics, the pilot projects of the individuals and the units in the University; monitoring the implementation of scientific research topics, production projects of the individuals and the units in the University, asking the heads of the projects to implement the plan as well as the registered contents, suggesting for rewarding of the outstanding ideas; to propose the rewarding for the inventions in the field of scientific research. To propose the measures to deal with or discipline the individuals and the units violating the regulations on the management of scientific and technological subjects and projects.
  • Coordinating with other relevant faculties and departments in finding the additional sources of equipment and well organizing the use of equipment and facilities for scientific research.
  • Being responsible for the management, the registration of intellectual property rights, utility solutions and commercialization of scientific research results of staffs and students.
  • Managing information, publication of the scientific documents, the activities of invention, intellectual property; holding a scientific conference at the University level.
  • Tracking the scientific research activities of students and scientific research awards; working with the Youth Union and the Student Association to mobilize and organize scientific research for students to participate in the national and international awards.
  • Providing information and supporting for the lecturers to do research and exploiting, funding for the scientific researches domestically and overseas. Mobilizing and supporting for the lecturers to participate in the national and international awards.
  • Annual statistics and evaluation of scientific works, scientific papers and practical applications.
  • Coordinating with the Office of Personnel and Administrative Affairs to manage and update the scientific biography of staffs in the University.
  • Evaluating and approving the scientific biography of staffs in the University.
  • Cooperating in the scientific research activities with the domestic and foreign institutions to do research and select the effective projects, the prosperous programs and the collaborative partners, thereby enhancing the scientific research capacity of staffs and students.
  • Being responsible for information related to science and technology activities on the University news.
  • Be responsible for managing the activities of the research centers and transferring technology.
  • Managing the website for science and technology, intellectual property at the University

3.3. Other duties

  • Managing the records, certifying the legality of the certificate of intermediate technical training.

4. Contact:

Address: Quarter 6, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Phone: (028) 372 52002 Ext: 110