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The Second-year Student of Computer Science Faculty won the Third prize in the "Application of Digital Technology in publicizing and educating a Traffic Safety issue” Contest

The practical product, named “Surveillance Camera System to Detect Red light violation” has brought the glorious victory to Tran Doan Thuyen and Pham Xuan Tri. Our UIT’s two 2nd-year students from the Computer Science Faculty joined the Contest, which was the collaboration between the Agency for Southern Affairs of the Science and Technology Ministry and Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union.

Congratulation to Thuyen and Tri!

Road traffic accidents are the serious problem in Vietnam. It has taken toll on human life and properties. Bad climates, degraded vehicles and road infrastructure, and reckless drivers are important components of road traffic accidents. Of all, going through a red light is the major factor in crashes that put a blame on bad driving habits. Acknowledging the problem, 2 UIT’s students put forward an idea to tackle it by developing the product. The product operated on the obtained traffic data from surveillance cameras and applied the AI platform to perform its task. It shared the same function with current traffic camera surveillance system in enforcing traffic laws by punishing careless drivers with penalty fees from film footages of their violation. On the other hand, the product could connect to other devices like LED screen to display violated driving. This hoped to help managing risk exposure with driving habit and promote responsible driving.

English version: Duong Kim Thuy Linh