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Faculty of Software Engineering

The Faculty of Software Engineering helps students acquire general knowledge of the process used to construct, manage and maintain software systems. Students gain the ability to analyze; design and manage software projects; provide methodology and produce new technology. Through these activities students can grasp and master this scientific process. Students are also provided with basic knowledge of organizing and managing software technology in order to build models and apply the principles of software engineering to practice.


The Faculty includes a team of leading professors, associate professors and doctors in the field of software engineering who are experienced and dedicated to teaching and scientific research.


- Constructing and developing practical applications in the fields of economy, society, education, health and business management.

- Constructing and developing applications supporting the distributed collaborative development environment, suiting the needs of the region and globe as well as targeting applications supporting E-Government, E-Commerce and E-Education.

The Faculty has research interests in models, solutions and processes to develop embedded software and focuses on in-depth study of 3D graphics technology, physics and the most advanced sound to build or improve game engines for game development. The Faculty is also engaged in application of advanced artificial intelligence technology (neural networks, fuzzy logic, gene programming, data mining, etc.) in the game environment.


  -     Software Engineering

  -     Embedded Software

  -     Game Software


Faculty of Software Engineering,

Room 307 and 309 – Building A

Tel: 08. 37251993 - Ext: 120