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CITD - Congratulations to 52 Distance Learning Students Graduating

Ending a journey is not just about achieving the set goal, but the journey itself will shape your character, providing opportunities for you to discover your potential and test how far you truly want to succeed. It's this journey that teaches you, transforms you, and ignites the hidden talents within you. You will showcase the qualities of an excellent individual, such as perseverance, courage, resilience, adaptability, and understanding. However, reaching your dreams will bring a wonderful sense of achievement.

The Center for Information Technology Development proudly congratulates the 52 distance learning students who have graduated in the 2024 Graduation Ceremony. We wish you all a brilliant career with the knowledge you have cultivated at UIT.

For those who missed this evaluation period, don't worry too much, there will be a second evaluation session in June.

For more details, visit: 

Ha Bang - Media Collaborator, University of Information Technology

Nhat Hien - Translation Collaborator, University of Information Technology