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Quality assurance


Quality assurance activities of the University of Technology and Information are carried out based on the mission, educational philosophy, core values ​​and quality policy of the University.

UIT's internal Quality Assurance System is operated and developed to continuously improve the quality of education, aiming to meet the mission, vision, and strategic goals of the School as well as the requirements of the related parties.

The participation and requirements of stakeholders along with domestic, regional and international standards are the guideline for all quality assurance activities, and quality assurance is the foundation for the development of UIT's quality culture .  

Quality culture

VNUHCM - University of Information Technology is committed to establishing the most professional and effective system of administration, management and service provision, fully supporting the conditions to implement the quality goals of training, scientific research and the purpose of serving the community is to meet national and international requirements.


I. Internal quality assurance system

Internal quality assurance system

II. Quality assessment and accreditation activities

1. Level of educational facilities (according to standards of the Ministry of Education and Training)

Accredited for cycle 2 in October 2022, and granted a Certificate of quality standards from the Ministry of Education and Training according to Decision No. 1220/QĐ-KĐCL ngày 23/12/2022, link:

Passed education quality accreditation in 2016,

Continuously review and improve operational areas based on stakeholder opinions and AUN-QA standards.

2. Issuance of training programs (according to AUN-QA standards)

Implementation process: Internal assessment and assessment at VNU-HCM level and assessment by AUN organization.

  • Internal assessment: All training programs (Review and improve training programs after annual evaluation)

  • Evaluation at the level of Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City

7 training programs have been evaluated: Bachelor of Information Systems, Bachelor of MMT&TT, Bachelor of Software Engineering, Bachelor of IT, Bachelor of IT, Information Security Engineer

Environmental Engineering Engineer,

Bachelor of Environmental Science,

  • External evaluation by AUN Organization

7 training programs have been externally evaluated and meet AUN's educational quality standards:

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems,

Bachelor of Science in Computer Networks and Communications,

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science,

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering,

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineer,

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology,

Bachelor of Engineering in Information Security:

III. Survey activities collect opinions from relevant parties

  • Student survey on lecturers' teaching activities: every semester
  • Survey graduates about the course: twice/year
  • Alumni survey: once/year
  • Employer Survey: once/year
  • Survey of staff and lecturers on working conditions and environment: every two years
  • Other surveys as needed (surveys for students in high-quality programs/international joint programs, surveys for first-year students, surveys on support services, etc.)


IV. Results of Quality Inspection