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International cooperation

The University of Information Technology appreciates the international cooperation in order to raise the professional qualifications of the lecturers and the students, step by step improve the facilities for training and scientific research of the University, enhance the understanding, friendship solidarity and cooperation between peoples.

Forms of cooperation that The University of Information Technology has been carrying out are scientific documents exchange, scholarly exchanges, organizing short courses, seminars and workshops, jointly deploy common research topics, combine the implementation of the contract about manufacturing software. These partnerships are mostly bilateral.

Currently, The University of Information Technology has relations with many universities, educational organizations and international organizations in the world, the University of Information Technology has signed cooperation documents with partners.



GS HoangKiem v GS ThomasOwen

Prof. Hoang Kiem and Prof. Thomas Owen signed the MOU with NWREL USA in 1997

TS Tomas Janowski

Dr. Tomas Janoswki of the International Software Technology Institute is presenting the special subject at CITD in 1998


The Japanese expert (CICC) is presenting at the IT Caravan training course, 1999

UBC Canada v CITD

Taking photos after MOU Signing Ceremony with the professors from UBC Canada University in 2000

Nottingham UK

Cooperating with the Studying Resources Center of the Nottingham UK University in 2001


The CITD working group at the head office of Microsoft USA in 2002


The software development group cooperates with the Keyware Company, Japan doing the contract about building the website for the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam in 2003.