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Office of Campus Services

1. Introduction:


2. Function: advise and assist the President to carry out the organization, preservation and management of UIT’s facility and equipment for training and researching at UIT. It maintains UIT’s facilities in an optimal state such as cleanliness, beauty, fire safety / protection, explosion prevention and security on campus. Organize and assign its staffs to manage classrooms, etc., do preservation of asset, equipment and cleanliness.

3. Missions:

  • Preside over the management and control to use UIT’s buildings on campus effectively.  Ensure the sufficiency of classrooms for teaching and study activities. Perform well service at classrooms involving drinking water for lecturers, ideal lighting, acoustics, and cleanliness.
  • Liaison with the relevant offices / departments / faculties to carry out plans in which classrooms are allocated suitably in accordance to UIT’s teaching plan. Arrange meeting rooms for workshop activities, scientific activities and short-time academic courses.
  • Maintain cleanliness within lecture areas. Manage and ensure ideal lighting and drinking water for all UIT’s operation on campus.
  • Manage and take a proper care of trees on campus.
  • Clean up assigned working and other public areas.
  • Liaison with police stations and local legal authorities in the maintenance of security and safety on campus.
  • Take responsibility for fire safety / protection and explosion prevention at UIT: propose, implement reasonable measures to control risks from fire, manage emergency evacuation, a mechanism for asset protection in the event of fire; Ensure effective liaison with the UIT’s firefighter team, local fire authority where appropriate to avoid any events of fire.
  • Manage by supplying lighting, drinking water in all UIT’s studying and working activities, and develop the policy on the use of electricity and drinking water.
  • Close liaison with the Department of Facility Management and other relevant offices / departments / faculties to upgrade and repair equipment of teaching and learning on campus timely.
  • Support and solve problems relating to facilities and equipment at UIT when it has received a request and notification.
  • Liaison with other relevant offices / departments / faculties to hold UIT’s important events (decoration, banners, flags, etc.).

4. Contact:

Address: Quarter 6, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc city, Ho Chi Minh City
Telephone number: (028) 37251993 Ext: 111