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Office of Facilities Management

1. Introduction:



2. Function: advise and assist the President in zonement, construction, repairment, asset management and administration of all UIT’s facilities. Carry out the purchase, maintenance, repairment, liquidation and control of the use of assets, facilities for teaching, researching, working and studying on campus.

3. Mission:

  • Build regulations on the management, distribution, usage and maintenance of equipment and assets.
  • Implement plans including constructing, supplementing and repairing buildings and facility for the management, teaching, learning and the other activities on campus.
  • Manage by presiding over, inspecting and have liaison with consultancy companies in supervising the construction works from all sources of capital in construction and repairment at UIT in compliance with current regulations.
  • Preside over and liaison with other offices / departments / faculties to manage asset and facility in working, teaching and learning activities. Manage assets which are obtained from the international collaboration projects at UIT. Instruct and direct the inventory of assets in relevant offices / departments / faculties periodically and at the request of UIT’s President Board.
  • Directly manage the use of UIT’s property which is not used by any relevant offices / departments / faculties. Schedule the plan of the inventory and asset classification periodically and at the request of UIT’s President Boards.
  • Act as the contact point for holding the bidding, procurement, distribution of facilities, and equipment for teaching and learning activities in compliance with the current UIT’s regulations.
  • Implement the depreciation regime of equipment and supplies in compliance with the UIT’s regulations. Liaison with the Office of Finance and Planning Affairs to supervise the use of assets; to inventory and evaluate the assets’ quality and value, calculate the depreciation and organize assets’ liquidation in a periodical term and without prior notice.
  • Be responsible for the prevention of the buildings’ degradation on campus.

4. Contact:

Address: Quarter 6, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City
Telephone number: (028) 372 51993 Ext: 124