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Office of External Relations

1. Introduction:

Full Name



Dr. Nguyen Tuan Nam


MA. Duong Kim Thuy Linh


BA. Trinh My Hanh


2. Function: advise and assist the President in managing issues relating to external relations, international co-operation and projects at UIT.

3. Mission:

3.1. External Relations: .

  • Develop aim and plans to promote UIT’s image through promotional and branding awareness activities.
  • Take the initiative in finding partners from prestigious organizations and individuals, etc. and propose them to the President to build collaboration of training, scientific researches, enterprises, etc. Propose reasonable plans to select potential partners and collaborative activities. Maintain partnership.
  • Arrange meetings to welcome incoming visitors and manage outgoing staffs for business or professional trips at the university level; implement immigrant visa process, pick up and drop off international guests, conduct receptionist duties; advise President of diplomatic rituals; support lecturers, foreign students with relevant procedures during their stay at UIT; monitor and make assessment of results. Based on the gained experiences, the Office of ER advises its President.
  • Be a contact point to arrange working meetings, greet, welcome and direct domestic guests appropriately. Ensure their staying at UIT in the best state, including accommodation and food provision. Well assist UIT’s leaders to facilitate them on their business trips overseas.
  • Arrange and schedule meetings and take note of minute meetings between the UIT and foreign guests.
  • Preside over and liaison with relevant offices / faculties to conduct researches in order to identify training needs, promote, and host promotional activities to enhance the visibility of future students to its majors.
  • Apply for authority’s permission to hold international conferences, seminars and scholarly activities. Liaison with local authorities to host international conferences, seminars, scholarly activities.
  • Develop / implement exchange programs, academic exchange with its partners.
  • Liaison with relevant authorities to build and develop collaborative relationship in accordance with UIT’s specificity and development orientation. Act as the UIT’s contact point to manage external activities at UIT’s relevant offices / departments / faculties; work and direct faculties in promoting their international relations.
  • Draft, translate and send documents, letters, and email about the UIT’s international relations activities. Do translation of transcripts, degrees issued by UIT into the English language. Certify the correctness of the translation of invitation letters to facilitate its staffs on overseas business and professional trips.

3.2. Project management:

  • Build international collaboration strategies, develop the admission and manage international projects. Hold signing ceremonies, monitor the implementation, make periodical assessment, synthesize and carry out final assessment of international collaboration projects.
  • Liaison with relevant offices / departments / faculties to negotiate with foreign partners in making and managing scientific research projects and joint training programs. Work closely with relevant authorities to carry out the renewal procedures for affiliate program trainings.
  • In search of and manage international scholarships (undergraduate and graduate training programs) to notify to its students and staffs.
  • Liaison with the Youth Union, the Student Union to be in search of scholarships from in and outbound to notify to its students.

4. Contact:

Address: Quarter 6, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City
Telephone number: (028) 372 52002 Ext: 115