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Office of External Relations

1. Introduction:



2. Function:

Advise and assist the President in managing the external relations, international co-operation and international projects of the University.

3. Mission:

3.1. External Relations: .

  • Develop the target and plan for propaganda, image promotion, branding development and image of the University.
  • Take the initiative in seeking out organizations and individuals with the capability, prestige and goodwill to cooperate in the field of training, scientific research, industry ... to propose to the President to establish relations co-operate. Propose options for selecting partners and areas of cooperation. Maintain partnerships with partners.
  • Organize of the delegation, the delegation to the University; carry out immigration procedures and pick up international guests, conduct reception work, advise the President on procedures for diplomatic rituals; support relevant procedures for teachers, foreign students during their time at the University; monitor and evaluate the work results and draw experiences in order to advise the President.
  • Communication point: arrange working schedule, welcome domestic guests. Ensuring the meals and accommodation for guests when they work at the University. Prepare the necessary conditions for the University ‘s leaders to go to work.
  • Prepare, organize meetings and record minutes of meetings between the University leaders and the foreign delegations.
  • Lead and coordinate with the relevant units to conduct research to identify training needs, promote, introduce and organize public relations and public relations for training majors.
  • Ask for permission to hold international conferences, seminars, and scholarly activities. Coordinating with functional units to organize international conferences, seminars, academic activities,
  • Develop / implement exchange programs, exchanging scholarships with partners.
  • Coordinate with relevant departments inside and outside the University to develop and develop cooperative relationships with the specific and development orientations of the University. Act as the focal point for the management of external activities of the units in the University, coordinate the guidance and assist the departments in developing international relations.
  • Receive, prepare, translate and send materials, letters, and telegram for the general international relations activities of the University. Translate transcripts, diplomas, certificates issued by the University to English for learners. Certificate translations of invitation letters for overseas business trips.

3.2. Project management:

  • Develop international co-operation strategies, develop, receive and manage international projects. Organize the signing, monitoring the implementation, periodic assessment, review and final evaluation of international cooperation projects.
  • Cooperate with relevant units to negotiate with foreign partners in the development and management of scientific research projects and joint training programs. Work with the authorities to carry out the renewal procedures for affiliate program training.
  • Search and manage international (postgraduate and graduate) scholarships for students and staff.
  • Coordinate with Youth Union, Student Union to find scholarships for students from home and abroad.

4. Contact:

Address: Quarter 6, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City
Telephone: (028) 372 52002 Ext: 115