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The honor program

The honor program is one of the strategic solutions of Vietnam National University, according to Decree 07/2001 / NĐ-CP of the Government on National University with the goal of training the excellent students, providing the human resources in research fields, professors and experts in the cutting edge technologies.

The honor program has two training directions:

- Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Duration: 4 years)

- Bachelor of Engineering in Information Security (Duration: 4.5 years)

The program is built on the following objectives:

Recruiting and facilitating the development of the elite students, training the high quality human resources.

• Facilitating students to develop their knowledge, skills, morals and foreign language proficiency comprehensively.

• Students are driven to develop their academic strengths; increased supporting for their scholarly work, scientific research and technology.

The training program is based on the regular full-time program, complementary to the fundamental and advanced scientific knowledge according to the research orientation.


• Students learn in the small-sized classes (30-40 students). Students are taught and instructed to do the researches by the excellent lecturers. There are many opportunities for the internships and study undergraduates programs in the foreign countries.

• Students are well-versed in basic and advanced knowledge, knowing how to apply knowledge flexibly and creatively in the fields of science and technology. Focus on the practical skills and access to the high-tech equipment.

After graduation, the honor program students have the ability to read and write reports and materials in English for professional work (students’ English competencies should be equivalent to : IELTS 5.5, TOEFL IBT. 60, TOEIC 600).


• Students who gain high scores in the National Entrance Examination (not including the bonus points) will be accepted into the University of Information Technology.

• Achieve the awards, the excellent achievements in the competitions held for national, regional and international excellent students in the such subjects as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and information technology.


• Students are taught by the experienced instructors gained Ph.D degrees.

• Students are equipped with modern classrooms, computer labs and laboratories (the Information Systems Laboratory, the Multimedia Communications Laboratory, ISeLab, located in ITP-VNU campus ).

• E-library linked to the central library of the Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City.

• The numbers of books and e-books are updated regularly as recommended by the Faculties.

• Tuition is based on the regular full-time students’ one enrolled of the program.


• Facilitate participation in the research team.

• Assist students with published scientific papers or participate in the conference.

• Introduce students to study abroad.


• Graduates after the graduation have the confidence and ability to work in the companies in the technology industry field.

• In addition, graduates with the excellent results will be given priorities in transferring to the higher education, doctoral student or be recruited as teaching staffs or do research at the University of Information Technology.