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Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs

1. Introduction:

Head of Department: Dr. LAM DUC KHAI

Deputy Head of Department: MSc. TRAN BA NHIEM

Deputy Head of Department: MSc. NGUYEN DINH LOAN PHUONG

2. Function:

Advise and assist the President in orienting and developing the University's university training work. Organize, implement, inspect, and supervise all teaching and learning work of the University's undergraduate training systems and types.

3. Duties:

  • Research and propose the UIT's development directions for training objectives, training systems, industry structure, scaling, and training methods.
  • Guide training institutions to build and develop new training disciplines and majors, advanced training programs, high quality programs, improve training programs, teaching and learning methods, module outlines, and learning materials.
  • Preside over and coordinate with related units to develop and submit to the President for training management documents. Propose to the President to promulgate regulations on the management of the training process of higher education systems.
  • Propose for admission criteria and organization of admission to higher education systems. Participate in monitoring and proposing the President to direct the implementation of enrollment quotas after the Ministry of Education and Training approves.
  • Preside over organizing, arranging, arranging students to be admitted to majors according to the UIT’s regulations and under the management of the Department. Handing over the SV class list to related units. Coordinating with Student Affairs Department to manage and check student records.
  • Develop, submit to the President for approval and implementing moderation of teaching and learning plans by semester and school year. Collaborate with faculties and subjects under the assignment of lecturers; make a schedule for teaching, learning and exam schedule of assigned systems.
  • Coordinate with the Inspections – Legal Affairs - Quality Assurance Department  to organize inspection and supervision of teaching activities, implementing the working regime of teachers; abide by the training regulations of students and trainees.
  • Manage ingot diploma and preside over, coordinate with relevant units to complete the UIT's graduation procedures. Verify the legality of the diploma of students, students of the managing Office when required.
  • Manage, store exam and entrance exam scores, graduate, archiving test scores of UIT’s system. Perform clerical work, archiving and statistics for the management of the faculties and UIT.
  • Evaluate and validate teacher hours for UIT’s education systems.
  • Suggest clues to submit to the President: check in, check out, study continuing, study continuing, and drop out for students of UIT’s training systems.
  • Coordinate to inspect and urge the collection and payment of tuition of the training systems managed by the unit.
  • Coordinate with the Facility Management Department to classify classrooms according to the schedule and results of module registration.
  • Coordinate with Student Affairs Department to organize opening and graduation ceremonies.
  • Manage contents of UIT’s training information.

4. Contact:

Address: Quarter 6, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City
Telephone: (028) 37251993 Ext: 112(distance program) ,113(regular fulltime)