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Office of Personnel & Administrative Affairs

1. Introduction


Deputy Head: MSc. BUI MONG THUY

2. Function: advise and assist the President in managing and assigning duties: organization and personnel, administration, synthetization and making plans for short, medium and long terms. Take care employee benefits and policies to UIT’s staffs. Receive and process information related to UIT, process mails, archive, receptionist and car logistics.

3. Duties:

  • Build core tasks, make plans in short, medium and long terms. Carry out research, advise, develop, and arrange UIT’s organizational structure.
  • Make effective planning of manpower, implement recruitment, assignment, and suspend employees from work; supervise the labor management within UIT.
  • In charge of the research and advise the President on issues including appointment, reappointment, dismissal, resignation and rotation of leadership within UIT; chair the planning of leadership workforce to meet UIT’s development demands.
  • Research and liaison with relevant offices / departments / faculties to build, adjust, supplement and promulgate UIT’s rules and regulations to meet its development requirements.
  • Execute the implementation of employees’ benefits and policies such as career-pathing programs, professional fostering programs; conduct recruitment, rank promotion; salary rise, allowances, social and personal accident insurances; carry out assessment-oriented activities including emulation, commendation and punishment. Liaison with the relevant offices / departments / faculties to assist the designation of honored academic titles: People’s Teacher, Professor and Associate Professor at UIT.
  • Receive and implement procedures to issue Decisions sending employees on their overseas business and professional trips.
  • Manage by organizing, updating archives and personnel data. Collate and issue certificates, permits and other documents to employees relating to the operation and management under the Office of PAA’s assigned duties.
  • Perform synthetization, administration, documentation and archive. In charge of managing, archiving legal documents in the strict compliance with Vietnam’s laws and regulations. Receive and send official documents via mail to local authorities, relevant offices in accordance with legal administrative formalities.
  • Advise President to handle incoming external documents fast and promptly; control and is entitled to using UIT’s legal seal in compliance with the President’s regulations and Vietnam’s laws. Issue travel permits, introduction and referral papers, staff’s confirmation letters; duplicated and exemplified documents which are issued by UIT and VNUHCM in compliance with UIT’s regulations.
  • Organize, manage by arranging UIT’s school-buses and working with relevant offices / departments / faculties to pick up and drop off important guests.
  • Manage by arranging UIT’s meeting rooms.
  • Build and propose the President for approval and implement plans to maintain social security and personal protection and their property on UIT’s campus.
  • Organize patrol and provide safeguards to ensure the security and safety on the campus.
  • Liaison with local authority to carry on legal misconduct of Vietnam’s laws and UIT’s regulations and control unexpected risks on campus. Arrest and make records of misconduct behaviors, wanted criminals to timely hand over to local authority.
  • Act as the contact point, liaison with the police stations and local authority in maintaining security on UIT’s campus.
  • Safeguard 24/24 the entrance doors under the President’s command, check introduction and referral papers and property which get into and out of UIT’s areas. Greet, direct guests on their arrival. Actively supervise and detect any suspected signs of the delinquency and promptly prevent violation act against the Vietnam’s laws, UIT’s regulations on security and people and UIT’s property.
  • Act as the contact point, liaison with relevant offices / departments / faculties and other organizations to ensure the political security and safety on the national holidays, celebrations, election days, conferences, national entrance examinations on UIT’s campus.

4. Contact:

Address: Quarter 6, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc city, Ho Chi Minh City.

Telephone number: (028) 37251993 Ext: 101 (Switchboard)