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Office of Graduate Academic Affairs - Science Technology

1. Introduction:

Head: Assoc. Prof. Dr. LE DINH DUY

Deputy Head: Dr. DUONG NGOC HAO

2. Function: Advise and assist the President in the management of graduate training, and scientific and technological activities and intellectual property of UIT;

3. Duties:

3.1. Graduate Training:

  • Develop and submit to the President for approval of graduate training development master plans, programs and plans at the request of VNU-HCM and the needs of the society.
  • Research, build and renovate: objectives, programs, structure of graduate training knowledge in accordance with the requirements of the training profession and the direction of international integration.
  • Instruct faculties and departments to build and develop types of joint ventures and joint ventures for graduate training and training with domestic and foreign universities, institutes and partners. Develop and organize the implementation of new pilot projects and projects to improve the quality of graduate training. Participate in the development of graduate training programs with foreign countries.
  • Propose to the President to promulgate UIT's regulations on graduate training management.
  • Organize the promotion of Graduate enrollment, preside over the work of graduate admission and manage admission documents as prescribed.
  • Organize admission, make cards for successful students and graduate students; organize student records management and PhD; organize and manage the learning and research process of graduate students and graduate students.
  • Develop, submit to the President for approval and implement moderation of teaching and learning plans by semester and academic year for graduate system. Coordinate with Faculties to invite teachers, set a schedule for teaching, learning and exam schedule.
  • Coordinate with the Office of Campus Services to arrange classrooms according to the timetable for the graduate system.
  • Organize the implementation of service stages in the graduate training process according to the assignment of the President and the current regulations. Organize conversion studies for students, PhD students’ request.
  • Propose the President to consider graduate students and graduate students to extend, pause, and stop studying and researching.
  • Build processes and manage the assignment of graduate and graduate instructors; advise the establishment of a doctoral thesis subcommittee, doctoral thesis evaluation council at all levels; Master's Examination Council; propose the President (through the Organization-Administration Department) to set up an Examination Council, a Council for Graduation Recognition and a Master's Degree.
  • Manage ingot diploma and preside over, coordinate with relevant units to carry out the procedures for granting graduate degrees of UIT. Verify the legality of the diploma of students who are under supervised of the Office when required.
  • Manage and archive exam papers and test scores, store module test scores; make a table, check and submit the President to sign the final academic transcript for graduate students and graduate students. Confirmation of academic results for graduate students and graduate students.
  • Evaluate and confirm the number of teacher hours for graduate students.
  • Make statistics and timely report data on graduate training activities at the request of superiors and UIT.
  • Coordinate with the Department of Student Affairs to organize the opening and graduation ceremony for graduate students and graduate students.
  • Manage website for graduate training.

3.2. Scientific and technological activities

  • Organize the development, plans and tasks of science and technology (S&T), summarize S&T plans at UIT. Manage and coordinate all S&T activities at UIT and monitor, check and evaluate the implementation of S&T plan, periodically report the S&T activities of UIT to VNUHCM.
  • Organize the management and monitor of scientific research contracts with your localities and units. Handle customer complaints related to UIT's science and technology tasks.
  • Preside over drafting and submit to the President for promulgation of regulations and regulations on the management of scientific research (scientific research), technological development and management of the implementation of the traditional science and technology regulations, regimes and regulations of the whole UIT.
  • Organize the registration, review, periodic reports, pre-acceptance test of scientific research projects, trial production projects of individuals and units at UIT. Monitor the progress of the implementation of scientific research projects, production projects of individuals and units at UIT, require the project managers to comply with the plan as well as the registration content. Propose the commendation of innovations in scientific research. Propose measures to handle or discipline individuals and units that violate regulations on management of science and technology projects and projects.
  • Coordinate with relevant departments, departments and agencies in finding additional equipment sources and well organize the use of facilities and equipment for scientific research.
  • Responsible for managing, registering intellectual property rights, useful solutions and commercializing scientific research results of officials, officials and students.
  • Manage information, publish scientific materials, invention, invention and intellectual property activities. Organize the university-level scientific conference.
  • Track students 'scientific research activities and scientific research students' awards. Together with the Youth Union and the Student Association, mobilize and organize scientific research students, attend national and international awards. 
  • Provide information and support teaching and research staff to exploit scientific research funding sources from inside and outside the country. Mobilize and support domestic and foreign awards. 
  • Assess statistics and annual assessments of UIT's scientific works, scientific papers and practical applications. 
  • Coordinate with the Office of Personnel and Administrative Affairs to manage and update the scientific curriculum vitae of officials and employees at UIT.
  • Assess, sign and approve scientific records of officials and employees at UIT.
  • Coordinate scientific research with domestic and foreign units, explore and select effective schemes, programs, and partners, thereby enhance the scientific research capacity of officials and students of UIT.
  • Take in charge of information related to science and technology activities on the website/ newsletter of UIT.
  • Responsible for managing the activities of the Center for Scientific Research and Technology Transfer.
  • Manage the website of science, technology and intellectual property at UIT.

3.3. Other missions:

  • Manage document, certificate of the legitimacy of the certificate of intermediate technician training system.

4. Contact:

Address: Quarter 6, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc City, HCMC

Telephone number: (028) 372 52002 Ext: 110