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Office of Planning and Finance

1. Introduction:


- Deputy Head: NGUYEN NGOC LAN

2. Function: advise and assist the President to perform the management of planning - financing. Implement the centralized management and use efficiently UIT’s financial resources in compliance with the lawful regulations.

3. Duties:

  • Build and implement financial plans in short, medium and long terms. 
  • Responsible for the management of UIT’s finance, figures of the assets, cash funds, receipts and accounts.
  • Monitor the income and expenditure of all sources of revenue within and off-budget. Monitor, remind UIT’s students to timely pay their tuition fees and other types of fee in compliance with UIT’s regulations; collect financial obligations from UIT’s internal organizations which have cash flow from operating activities and receive revenues from partners under legal contracts. Advise the Board of Presidents on the purpose of increasing UIT's profits.
  • Act as the contact point in building, amending and supplementing the UIT’s financial regulations on the yearly basis. Liaison with the UIT’s Council Boards to advise the President on financial regimes, salary, bonuses and allowances, as well as benefit policies providing to UIT’s employees.
  • Estimate and implement financials under the quota within the approved budget. Conduct the budget settlements, report on the financial statements on time as prescribed as well as comply with economic and financial policies, standard benefits, expenditure quotas and Vietnamese’s lawful financial discipline.
  • Do remuneration, payment of matters relating to social, health, personal accidental insurances, allowances of management, teaching, welfares, overtime and other regimes to full-time and seasonal employees; payment of scholarships, allowances to UIT’s students and other expenses for studying, teaching, scientific researching, building facility, repairing and purchasing equipment, etc. at UIT in compliance with the current regulations.
  • Liaison with other relevant offices / faculties / departments / laboratories / centers to inventory, purchase, liquidate UIT's assets, do tasks relating to financial plans such as joining in the Council for Appraisal of Projects in investment and purchase in compliance with lawful regulations.
  • Record, calculate and reflect the existing data, circumstances of rotation and use of assets, supplies and capital; processes and business results with cash flow from ongoing activities and the spending on UIT’s budget.
  • Instruct and manage the use of UIT’s budget and other legal financial resources from the UIT’s internal organizations. Instruct and monitor the internal organizations’ financial estimates and budget settlements of funding sources in strict accordance with legal financial and accounting regimes; synthesize and report on UIT’s settlement to top-level and financial regulatory authorities.
  • Archive financial records in compliance with the lawful regulations.

4. Contact:

Address: Quarter 6, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc city, Ho Chi Minh City.

Telephone number: (028) 37251993 Ext: 108,109