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The advanced program

Out of 10 outstanding educational events in 2005 was the Prime Minister’s approval of the project called "Higher Education in Vietnam" (The Resolution No. 14/2005 / NQ-CP dated on November 2, 2005). The project was in line with the 15-year strategy (2006 – 2020), its objective was to upgrade Vietnam’s higher education and bring it closer to the regional higher education and the world’s advancement. Base on that purpose, according to the Decision No. 7581/QD-BGDT, the Ministry of Education and Training assigned UIT to implement the Advanced Program at the undergraduate level in Information Systems in 2007. The objectives were as follows:

  • Build undergraduate programs which have the same level with those of the world’s famous universities.
  • Facilitate exchange and integration in training and scientific research; meanwhile work on the synchronous upgradation ranging from training operation to professional qualifications of both management officers and teaching staffs.
  • Students are entitled to receiving hands-on knowledge and making systematical improvement of their level. This enables them to provide themselves with the ability of thinking critically, acquiring professional skills and getting sufficient foreign languages. At the time of graduation, they will be able to meet social requirements for their job.
  • Build and upgrade UIT’s facilities in training, facilitate scientific and technological researches and international collaboration.

In case this training model achieved success, it is assumed that the academic model would become the foundation for a breakthrough to grossly renovate UIT’s training activities and promote international cooperation activities effectively.

Training operation2

  •         The advanced training program is in the full-time mode at the UIT’s Information Systems Faculty.
  • The syllabus at UIT is fully compatible with that is learnt at the Oklahoma State University (USA) with 2 typical information systems including the Management Information System (MIS) and the Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
  • Subjects are learnt completely in English.

Classrooms and laboratories

  • 2 modern rooms are equipped modernly with air conditioners and projectors.
  • The modern labs are with highly configured computers, powerful internet connection for their study and research.
  • Compulsory requirements for English language proficiency which graduates should achieve must be TOEFL PBT 550, IELTS 6.0 or any equivalent levels.

Board of Professors1

  • Excellent lecturers from UIT, VNUHCM’s universities, OSU and other international universities get invitation to teach subjects at UIT.
  • All the lecturers are required to possess doctorate, master degrees which are conferred by universities from English native nations or they must at least once teach similar programs in the English language.

Opportunity to transfer to OSU

After finishing their first two years at UIT, students can do the transfer to OSU as third year students.

All accumulated credits at UIT are accepted by OSU.

Facilities, learning resources


  • Foreign learning resources are applied in teaching subjects.
  • Foreign reference books.
  • VNUHMC’s digital library system connects with digital libraries abroad is provided to the students.
  • Two modern classrooms with air conditioner, and projectors are provided only for the students of the program.
  • The modern labs are with highly configured computers, powerful internet connection for their study and research.