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Computer Communications & Networks Program got assessed under the AUN-Quality Assessment Standards

On the 23-24 January 2018, University of Information Technology (UIT) welcomed delegates from the ASEAN University Network (AUN) for a UIT’s Communications & Networks program under AUN Quality Assessment’s standards.

AUN’s delegates included: Prof. Arnulfo P. Azcarraga - Team Leader; Prof. Wichian Chutimaskul - Member.

UIT members to welcome the AUN’s delegates included: Associate Prof. Vu Duc Lung - Vice Rector; Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan - Dean of Computer Networks and Communications Faculty, MSc. Trinh Thi My Hien - Deputy Head of the Inspections, Legality and Quality Assurance Office, lecturers and supporting staffs of the Faculty.

PGS.TS Vũ Đức Lung phát biểu tại buổi khai mạc chào đón đoàn đánh giá AUN

Associate Prof. Vu Duc Lung made a remark at the Opening Ceremony to welcome the AUN’s delegates

On a first working day, the delegates took sightseeing tours around VNU-HCM, UIT’s campus and the faculty such as: the Data Center, Rosen Office, lecture halls, libraries, classrooms, practice laboratory, laboratories ...; learnt about student support services; interview the faculty’s leaderboard, faculty’s scientific committees, lecturers and supporting staffs.

Chuyên gia AUN phỏng vấn giảng viên của Khoa

AUN delegates interviewed lecturers

On the second working day, the delegates met and talked to alumni and recruiters, while continuing to study records, documentary sources, and clarify more information as well as request additional sources.

The assessment ended with delegates’ remarks on the program: the curriculum was structured reasonably, and disseminated fully to stakeholders; teaching methodology was compatible with UIT’s learning outcomes and able to improve students’ ability for a lifelong learning; lecturers were dynamic, enthusiastic to  help the students; facility for teaching and learning was modern and well-equipped; IT management system was effective; coordination mechanism between offices and departments was rhythmic; internal quality assurance process was being implemented, etc.

The delegates also put forward suggestion that  UIT and the Faculty would improve quality in order to meet the AUN-QA’s standards such as: disseminating CDIO teaching methodology and output standards to recruiters; having more research works, journals compatible with the Faculty’s vision and missions; having more lecturers with doctoral degrees, improving students’ English language and soft skills.

This was the second time that UIT welcomed AUN’s delegates to assess on a program level. In 2016, UIT’s Information Systems program was assessed and certified under the AUN-QA Assessment standards.

Images on the Assessment days:

Đoàn đánh giá AUN chụp ảnh lưu niệm tại ĐHQG-HCM

The AUN’s delegates took a picture at the VNU-HCM’s headquarter. Image: Phien An


Chuyên gia AUN đến thăm Phòng Data Center

AUN’s delegate visited the Data Center

Các lãnh đạo, và giảng viên chụp ảnh lưu niệm với hai chuyên gia AUN

The leaders, and lecturers took a photo with the 2 AUN’s delegates

News: Dương Kim Thùy Linh

Image: Nguyen Minh Nghia

Translator: Duong Kim Thuy Linh