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University Admission 2024: VNU-HCM Prioritizes Direct Admission for Talented High School Students

On May 7th, 2024, VNU-HCM issued document No. 791/VNU-DT regarding the implementation of prioritizing direct admission for talented high school students; prioritizing admission for excellent students from high schools nationwide.

Accordingly, from May 15th to June 15th, outstanding and talented students in academics can submit their application for admission to VNU-HCM.

Candidates under this admission category must be recommended and confirmed by the high school principal as excellent or talented students of the school and must meet the main criteria of having excellent academic performance and good conduct over 3 years of high school; the average academic performance over 3 years of high school being among the top 5 highest-ranking students in the school.

Candidates with combined criteria such as: Certificates or commendations for winning provincial/city-level First, Second, Third prizes in excellent student competitions (selecting the highest award achieved in high school); International language proficiency certificates; Certificates or commendations, other relevant documents related to academic achievements, talents in sports, arts competitions, and training during high school, ... will have an advantage.

This method has a maximum admission quota of 5% of the total quota for the major/program group.

To apply for admission, candidates can visit VNU-HCM's electronic information page at the link [link] or the page [link] Training/Undergraduate/Admission Information Portal to register online. After successful registration, candidates should print the admission application form, sign it, and confirm the recommendation of the high school principal regarding the fulfillment of the main criteria. Then, candidates submit their application for admission directly or online to member universities, branches, and faculties under VNU-HCM according to the guidance of the respective units.

It is expected that VNU-HCM units will announce the admission results before June 25th, 2024.

For more detailed information, please see the attached file: CV791_240507__Gui THPT_ UTTT va UTXT_2024_CẬP NHẬT-240509022245.pdf

VNU-HCM students. Illustration: MC

For more detailed information, please visit:

Written by: Ha Bang

Translated by: Ngoc Diem