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Office of Inspections, Legality and Quality Assurance

1. Introduction:



2. Function: Advise and assist the President to carry out audits to improve the effectiveness of management and quality assurance; to advise on organizing the implementation of government management, organizing the elaboration of internal normative documents, appraising, reviewing and examining documents and systematizing normative documents. , participate in law dissemination and education, inspect the implementation of law; to advise on the development of plans, operational procedures and implementation of quality assurance in education and training, and the performance of the profession of ensuring the quality of training in the University according to regulations.

3. Missions:

  • Inspect the implementation of education policy and law. To monitor and review the situation of periodical inspection and report to the President.
  • Lead the inspection work in accordance with the regulations of the University.
  • Participate in the resolution of complaints and denunciations in the field of education in the University according to the provisions of law.
  • Organize the task of preventing and combating corruption in the education sector in accordance with the anti-corruption law as designated by the higher level.
  • In case of necessity, the Director General shall set up an internal inspection team to perform the tasks specified in the Minister of Education and Training's Decision No. 14/2006 / QD-BGDDT on April 25, 2006. Creating organizational and inspection activities in educational institutions.
  • Advise the President on the legal issues related to the University's activities, ensure that the University operates in accordance with the law and implement the legal principles. Assist the President on the legality of internal normative documents before issuing, evaluating, reviewing, examining documents, systematizing internal normative documents within the University.
  • Lead or participate with related organizations to organize law dissemination and education. Assist the President to prepare comments on the draft legal documents submitted by the government’s agencies for comments and petitions to the competent goverment authority in the amendment and supplementation of the normative legal documents.
  • Develop the plan and organize the self-assessment of the quality of training according to the standards of the Ministry of Education and Training.
  • Guiding and controlling the implementation of quality assurance in units of the University; Evaluating and participating in external evaluation.
  • Focal point in the research and development of solutions to ensure the quality of education, including activities: research, survey and organization of opinion polls, lecturers, managers graduates, alumni, employers on training programs, teaching methods, learning methods, methods of examination and evaluation of learning outcomes.
  • Focal point in seeking and coordinating with organizations and individuals at home and abroad to organize seminars, training and fostering activities in the field of quality assurance.
  • Manage, archive self-assessment records. Regularly update the evidences in accordance with the institution-level accreditation standards. Preside and co-ordinate with other units in updating the information and evidence of units in service of quality inspection.

4. Contact:

Address: Quarter 6, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City
Telephone: (028) 37251993 Ext: 133 or 149