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Office of Personnel and Administrative Affairs

1. Introduction


Deputy Head: MSc. BUI MONG THUY


2. Function: To advise and assist the President in managing and directing the works, including organization and personnel, administration, synthesizing and making short-term, medium-term and long-term plans of the University. Implement the regime and policies for staffs of the University. Receiving and processing information related to the University, as well as carrying out the works related to secretary, archiving, receptionist and logistics.

3. Duties:

- Building the main tasks, short-term, medium-term and long-term work plans of the University. Researching, consulting, developing, and organizing the organizational structure of the University.

 - Human resource planning; replacing, recruiting, arranging, transferring and suspending work for the University; monitoring and supervising the organization of labor management throughout the University.

 - To preside over the study and advise the President on the appointment, reappointment, dismissal, resignation and rotation of leadership positions within the University; to lead the planning to meet the development demand of the University

 - To research and coordinate with the functional units to develop, adjust, supplement and promulgate regulations, rules and regulations of the University to meet development requirements.

- Organizing the implementation of regimes and policies for staffs: professional training and fostering; recruitment exams, the rank promotions; to get the promotions,  the allowances, social insurance regimes and human accident insurance; emulation, commendation and discipline work. Coordinate with the related units to serve for the consideration of titles of teachers, titles of professors and associate professors in the University.

- Receiving and carrying out the procedures to issue the decision to send the staffs of the University to work overseas.

- Organizing to manage, update records, personnel data. Collate and issue the certificates, the permission papers and the other documents related to the organization and management for the officials and the other units within the University within the prescribed scope.

- Performing administrative, clerical, archiving. Be in charge of managing, archiving official dispatches and documents strictly according to the regulations of the government. Organize to receive and transfer of the various types of the correspondent papers, documents with the external agencies, the relevant internal departments of the University  in accordance with the address and the principle of administrative documents.

- Advising the President to handle the documents fast and promptly. To manage and use the seal according to the regulations of the President, being suitable to be the provisions of law. Issuing roadside papers, referrals, certificates and certifications for staffs; duplicate documents issued by the University and documents issued by the higher managers as prescribed.

- Organizing, managing, mobilizing the fleet and coordinating with concerned units to organize and receive delegations.

- Organizing the effective management and coordinating the meeting rooms of The University.

- Developing and submitting to the President for the approval and organizing the implementation of the plans to maintain social security and protection of people and property within the management of the University.

- Organizing patrol and guard to ensure the security, the order and the safety in the campus

- Coordinating with the other functional agencies to handle the cases of violations related to the law, the internal regulations and the accidents occurring on the campus. Arresting and making records of the offenders, the subject of the warrant to hand over timely to the functional agencies.

- Being the contacting point, coordinating with the police units and the local authorities in the activities of maintaining the order, security and social safety on the campus.

- Being focusing on portals all the time at the request of the President, checking papers and properties carrying in and out of the University. Be in charge of guiding, instructing guests to contact with the University. To actively monitoring and detecting signs of the suspected delinquency and promptly prevent acts of violating the law and the internal regulations of the University on security and order as well as people and property.

- Being the contacting point, coordinating with the units in and out of the University to do well in ensuring the security, politics, order and safety during the holidays, celebrations, elections, conferences, examinations in the violatios of the University.

4. Contact:

Address: Quarter 6, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Phone: (028) 37251993 Ext: 101 (Switchboard)