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Recruitment for Integrated Circuit Club - First Generation

The Integrated Circuit Club officially opens the registration for recruiting members for the first generation, with the desire to find companions for the next journey.

What benefits will you enjoy as a member of the IC Club?

A dynamic, creative, and friendly environment for personal development.

Access to knowledge enhancement, numerous opportunities to participate in scientific research, and attend academic competitions nationally and internationally.

Networking opportunities with students from different cohorts, professors, and graduated engineers; thereby gaining a comprehensive insight into the field of study, the academic journey at the Faculty of Computer Engineering.

Career counseling support, training in interview skills, provision of recruitment information, and job opportunities in the integrated circuit industry.

Participation in beneficial extracurricular activities and sports training.

Don't miss the chance to join the UIT IC Club family.

Details about the membership program:

Registration period: From May 8, 2024, to May 15, 2024.

How to register: Fill in your information on the registration form at the following link:

Round 1: Preliminary selection (Fill out the form).

Round 2: Direct interview (Time and location will be announced later).

Round 3: Training and project realization (You will receive necessary training and guidance to carry out the project).

For more detailed information, visit:

Written by: Ha Bang

Translated by: Ngoc Diem