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Announcement on Participation in Professional Development Course for English Teaching and Research

In line with the 2023 Foreign Language Teaching and Learning Project, aimed at enhancing the English teaching capabilities of instructors, the Project Management Board of Foreign Language Teaching and Learning at the University of Information Technology announces the training course for English teaching faculty members as follows:

1. General Information:

Topic Professional Development in English Teaching and Research
Duration 21 teaching sessions
Scheduled Class Dates November 29, December 01, and December 04
Requirements Full participation and serious engagement in all sessions; completion of the course evaluation survey.

2. Participants: Instructors currently assigned to teach English to university students.

3. Schedule and Course Content:

Time Topic Lecturer
November 29, 2023 (full day) Sharing expertise on TOEIC exam Guest Speaker: Expert from IIG (International TOEIC Testing Organization)
December 01, 2023 (full day) Updating English teaching methods Speaker: Dr. Dao Nguyen Anh Duc
December 04, 2023 (full day) Discussion on research paper writing methods Associate Professor, Ph.D.: Dr. Pham Thi Huong

Detailed Information:

Hạ Băng - Communication Collaborator, University of Information Technology

English version: Phan Huy Hoang