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Computer Engineering students won second prize in Cansat Competition

The UIT-INSPIRATION team consists of students Nguyen Van Phu Nhan, Nguyen Duc Hoan  (course 12), Lu Khai Thong (course 10), Tran Vinh Phuc (course 9) Faculty of Computer Engineering - University of Information Technology VNU-HCM won second prize at Cansat competition 2017.

Đội UIT-INSPIRATION nhận giải nhì của cuộc thi

UIT-INSPIRATION team win the second prize at the competition

Các đội chụp hình lưu niệm tại cuộc thi Cansat 2017

Teams taking photos at Cansat 2017

Under the theme of "Air Quality Monitoring," UIT-INSPIRATION team participated in the Cansat satellite research, design, fabrication, testing and commissioning process. The team got compliments of creativity, feasibility in proposing ideas from organization.

Cansat 2017 launched by the National Satellite Center with the Military Technical Academy creates a playground for Vietnamese young people passionating in space technology and urging to learn about the satellite manufacturing technology. The competition provides future engineers with a broad overview as well as practical experience in satellite manufacturing technology while stimulating the unlimited creativity of young engineers for their application with huge applied abilities of this technology in life.

The contest is considered a premise to popularize and develop satellite manufacturing technology in Vietnam. In order to create diversity and stimulate creativity, the theme of the Cansat Competition will be changed year by year.

News: Dang Van Em