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Connecting Female Students with the IT Industry

The program "Panel Discussion: Connecting Female Students with the IT Industry" will take place at 14:00 on March 7, 2024, at Hall E of the University of Information Technology.

The IT industry is considered one of the "hot" fields, often perceived as dry and primarily for men. However, nowadays, many female students have broken stereotypes and pursued their passion for IT, facing both challenges and opportunities. Let's take a closer look at the distinguished guests of this exchange program:

From Curiosity to Pursuing a Career in IT

Trinh Thi Thanh Truc is a fourth-year student majoring in Information Systems. As a child, Truc used computers minimally but was curious about exploring and entertaining, which led her to desire studying IT. Growing up, Truc became curious about how programmers operate to create products like games. Consequently, she earnestly researched and decided that IT and the University of Information Technology would be her goals.

Truc shared, "Female students studying IT receive special attention and care from their peers and colleagues in the field. I remember every time I had difficulties in studying or working, I was always enthusiastically guided by everyone. However, due to this attention, I had to be more cautious and put in more effort to avoid falling behind. For Truc, this affects how people perceive girls in the IT industry, especially regarding coding skills."

Every female student who enters the IT field must strive every day to achieve success, leading to a more open-minded view of girls studying IT. Truc confided, "I believe that everyone has equal abilities, as long as you have passion and confidence, anyone can participate and make significant contributions to the development of IT in our country."

The IT Industry Does Not Differentiate Between Genders

Truong Vo Truc Nhu graduated with a degree in Computer Networks & Communications from the University of Information Technology. Since childhood, Nhu has been passionate about computers and the knowledge the Internet provides. Over time, her passion grew stronger, prompting Nhu to learn more about the IT industry, job opportunities, and modern trends, leading her to pursue this field of study.

For Nhu, the IT industry is extremely diverse, opening up many new areas of knowledge and requiring continuous self-improvement. Unfazed by her gender, Nhu confidently pursued IT studies. "Honestly, the IT industry does not differentiate between genders. Passion and the development of skills will help us overcome all difficulties in this field," Nhu emphasized.

To complete a project successfully, meticulousness and thoroughness in each step, along with rigorous testing, are essential. And female students often demonstrate meticulousness, becoming key figures in group assignments, contributing to the team's improvement. Nhu reflected, "And one more special thing about female students is their cleverness. Being clever and delicate in problem-solving will help enhance their teamwork and problem-solving abilities during their studies/work."

Female students have strengths in memory, attentiveness, and thoroughness

Nguyen Ngoc Yen Nhi (born in 2004) is currently a student majoring in Electronic Commerce. With the desire to challenge herself, assert her capabilities, and continually evolve and develop, Yen Nhi has spent a lot of time pursuing IT. IT appeals to her because of its high applicability in daily life, creating technological products that benefit everyone.

IT, like other fields related to machinery, technology, and data, may be somewhat more challenging for girls. IT is more logic-oriented, a trait that is often more appreciated in men. However, according to Yen Nhi, female IT students have strengths in memory, attentiveness, and thoroughness, which allow them to pay attention to details and carefully consider issues more than male students.

Yen Nhi shared, "I aspire to contribute innovative ideas and quality human resources to IT, utilizing the outstanding skills of our girls. Furthermore, as female IT students, despite knowing that there are challenges, I am sure we are very persistent and make efforts to contribute to IT."

For Nhi, the UIT environment is dynamic, with senior students and teachers being highly skilled and always ready to support new students in integrating into the new environment. The teachers are dedicated and enthusiastic about teaching.

Nhat Hien - Translation Collaborator, University of Information Technology