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Introduction to Faculty of Information Systems and E-commerce


The practical needs show that the applications of Information Technology and Computer Science to the socio-economic, administrative-financial, business-commercial management systems have promoted the formation of information systems science. Working in this field requires not only mastering the knowledge and skills of computer science and information technology, but also having a thorough understanding about the concepts, nature, behavior and mechanics of the operation of the management system to support decision-making in a timely manner, to meet the development needs of the system.

Hence, the practical demands to train engineers who are qualified of analyzing, designing, building and operating information systems are increasingly imperative. Especially, in the current boom of information, it is intensely necessary to educate the excellent information systems experts to adapt the high demands of building, developing and managing e-government, e-commerce, e-learning, etc.

Through the above practical analyzes and the researches for ICT human resource training, the University of Information Technology creates the Information Systems Faculty to educatethe information systems engineers and the e-commerce engineers. This is the country's urgent need for the information technology human resources specialized in information systems to serve the renovation of management mechanism, the administrative reform, the improvement of economic management and the business management. Business that are ready for the integration trend in the region and the world.


-The Faculty of Information Systems of the University is responsible for training in information systems management and e-commerce, two brand-new information technology fields in our country. The Faculty of Information Systems has been training more than 8 courses with more than 600 regular full-time students in information systems management, and more than 300 distance-learning students. In addition, the Faculty has a postgraduate training program with a Master's degree in Information Systems. Especially, e-commerce is one of the prior majors designed professionally and thoroughly among the members in Vietnam National Universities - HCM.

-Over the past years, the faculty members have published more than 50 scientific papers in the journals and the conferences domestically and internationally. Up to now, the Faculty has completed 1 government-level independent scientific researches, 2 government-level basic scientific researches, 2 VNU-HCM-level core scientific researches, 4 provincial-level scientific researches, 3 fundamental level scientific researches.

- The activities of scientific researches and technology transfer focus on the following directions:

• Research of business information systems such as ERP, Supply Chain Management.

• Research applications for building information systems for e-commerce.

• Development of research to enhance the exploitation of knowledge from databases, administration of large databases, search of information on the web, semantic search, social networking.

• Develop interdisciplinary research between informatics and other disciplines such as natural language processing, biology, chemistry, environment, etc.

- The training, research and technology transfer are carried out atthe Multimedia Communications Laboratory and the Information Systems Laboratory. These are the two main laboratories, which have been built by the University to serve the information systems branch.

- The Faculty of Information Systems coordinates withthe Faculty of Geography andthe Faculty of Business Administration ofthe Oklahoma State University to provide the advanced training in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Systems Management Information Technology (MIS).

- Regarding material facilities for research and teaching, the University has:

• Library of the Vietnam National University. Library databases are updated annually with a variety of books, newspapers and magazines in Vietnamese and other languages.

• The Information Systems Laboratory is equipped with 50 computers. Besides that, the University has 10 computer labs equipped with over 200 computers.

• System of specialized classrooms with the sufficient equipment for teaching and learning such as desktop, laptop, projector, video, TV, cassette, camera, ...

• Specialized Bookcases of the Faculty of Information Systems with more than 100 titles and regularly updated with quality specialized materials in English.

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