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Overview of Faculty of Computer Engineering

1.1 Training objectives

The training program is aimed at training high-quality human resources in information technology at regional and international level to meet the demands of building human resources in IT industry nationwide.

1.2 Positions and job opportunities after graduation

Graduates of the faculty of Computer Engineering can work in the various fields and areas such as:

- Analysts, designers, developers in the development projects, design, manufacture of hardware equipment; work in hardware companies as well as the computer software, the digital systems design, the embedded systems.

- Research and application staffs in information technology institutes, research centers and universities. Teaching subjects related to computer engineering at the universities, the colleges, the vocational, the secondary schools, the vocational schools and the high schools.

- To conduct scientific research in the domains of the software systems, the digital systems design, the automatic control and the embedded systems in the research institutes, the research centers and the agencies of the ministries, the Universities and the Colleges.

- To work in the information technology section or to apply information technology of all units having needs (administrative and banking, telecommunications, aviation, construction ...).

- Working in software production companies, outsourcing in the domestially and internationally. Worked at IC design, electronics and control companies.

1.3 The viewpoints on the curriculum development

The training program of the faculty of computer engineering is built on the main viewpoints:

- The training program is interdisciplinary and high application, suitable to human needs information technology of the current society.

- Based on the training programs of computer engineering of some universities in other countries to make premise for the international cooperation projects and the advanced training.

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