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Overview on Faculty of Computer Networks and Communications

At present, the training in information technology human resources in Vietnam is an area requiring changes in order to improve the quality of training in an urgent way. With the rapid development of the network technology and the Internet technology and applications in all areas of life, the demand for IT professionals in the field of computer networks and communications has grown rapidly. The current requirements for the higher education are after graduation, students have the skills to meet the requirements of the modern technology and have the basic knowledge which allows them access to the opportunities to continue studying and working for a long time.

The regular full-time program for the computer networks and communications students is designed to provide students with basic knowledge in the field of computer networks and communications is broad enough in their professions to be able to do in-depth researches. Students also have the self-learning ability to absorb scientific and technical achievements, continue to improve and expand their knowledge in order to adapt to the needs of socio-economic development.

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