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Overview of Information Security

Nowadays, the booming of the Network and Internet Technology and online information websites in all fields of life has quickly increased the demand of deploying application systems in computer networks and communications. To enterprises, computer networks and the Internet have become essential factors which increase their strength and competency on the market. Therefore, each enterprise is trying to build a strong, stable network system with high security. However, along with the Internet’s development, insecurity of the network is challenging; malicious threats have appeared, and threatened the application of IT in serving socio-economic development and ensuring the issues of defense and security. Cyber-attacks and infiltrations of IT systems have been aimed at reconnaissance, profiteering, data destruction, property theft, unfair competition, and some unsafe digital information. Others are growing to an alarming level in terms of quantity, variety in form, sophistication in technology etc.

At present, Network security and Information security issues in Vietnam and around the world have been complicated. Those can count as attacked websites, e-commerce systems illegally, the seizure of domain names, stolen and deleted personal information and data, new virus variants have appeared, and many types of malicious code are raging. Therefore, together with the need to exchange and exploit information via the Internet, information security is gradually becoming an important factor for the development of IT, all economic, social, defense and security activities in Vietnam. Building high-quality human resources in Information Security, which is able to cope with threats and risks of information insecurity, is the key to develop Network and Communications technology into a sustainable development for socio-economic development in Vietnam.

On the urgent social need in the field of information security training, we find it necessary to have an in-depth training in Information Security. Graduates are required to excel skills of modern information security and basic knowledge that supports them a live-long learning and working. The program is tailored to provide students with basic knowledge in the field of computer network security and communications, and ability to in-depth study.

The Talented Engineering Bachelor program in Information Security allows students to access advanced programs, have chances to use modern technologies to practice, read up-dated resources, and study high quality conditions. The curriculum is tailored to provide students with basic knowledge in the field of computer network security and communications, and ability to in-depth study. In addition, students have the ability to self-teach to acquire scientific and technical achievements, continue to improve and expand knowledge in order to adapt to the needs of socio-economic development.

Details of the training program are at