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Overview of Software Engineering

1.1 Training objectives

The training program is aimed at training high-quality information technology human resources qualified the regional and international standards to meet the demands of building human resources in IT industry nationwide.

Graduates from the Software Engineering program must meet the following requirements:

- Have solid basic knowledge, good professional skills, professional software development skills, research capacity and creative thinking.

- To firmly grasp the process of building software development, capable of deploying the system of application of information technology and analysis, designing and building software with high practical and creative value.

- Have a good command in English, being able to communicate, work with experts, foreign colleagues.

- A graduation thesis that can spawn the future software.

1.2 Positions and job apportunities after graduation

Graduates from Software Engineering can work in various fields and areas such as:

01) Analysts, designers, installers, administrators, maintain computer software to meet various applications in agencies, companies, schools ...

02) To study further higher levels of software engineering or the related disciplines such as Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems at domestic and foreign training institutions.

03) Researchers and applications of information technology in institutes, research centers and universities and colleges. Teaching subjects related to information technology at universities, colleges, vocational secondary schools, vocational schools and high schools.

04) Scientific research in the areas of software engineering, network technology and embedded systems in research institutes, research centers and agencies of ministries, colleges and universities.

05) To work in the information technology offices or to the related information technology offices in all units having needs (administrative and banking, telecommunications, aviation, construction ...).

06) Working in companies specialized in manufactures, domestic and international outsourcings. Work at consulting firms on solutions, building and maintaining the information systems.

1.3 The viewpoints on the curriculum development

The software engineering training program is built on the mainstream points of view:

· Software Engineering Training Program is interdisciplinary, researchable and highly- applicable, suitable for the software technology human resource needs in the modern society.

· The program is close to the software engineering program of many universities around the world to enable international cooperation and advanced training in the future.

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