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University of Information Technology launches experimental e-commerce major

On the afternoon of January 29, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hoi Nghia, Vice President of VNU-HCM gave the decision on experimental E-Commerce major for University of Information Technology (UIT).

Previously, on January 8, the Director of VNU-HCM signed the decision assigning tasks for the UIT training on experimental training for Bachelor degree with the  code 7340122.

The annual enrollment targets for this major is a part of  the total regular full-time enrollment targets recommended by the UIT on the basic quality assurance conditions approved by the Director of VNU-HCM.

UIT is assigned the experimental enrollment from the enrollment course in 2018. After a course of enrollment, University summarizes, evaluates and reports to VNU-HCM to consider and assign formal training duties.

Dr. Nguyen Hoang Tu Anh - President of  UIT committed that UIT will do everything to make  E-commerce  major achieving the best quality for learners and society.

"More than anyone else, UIT and E-Commerce professors have gone through a very difficult way to be able to develop this E-commerce project and curriculum  in order to meet the high-quality workforce of the society and  the E-commerce development.”- said Dr. Nguyen Hoang Tu Anh.

PGS.TS Nguyễn Hội Nghĩa trao quyết định đào tạo thí điểm ngành Thương mại điện tử

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyễn Hội Nghĩa hand the training official decision on experimental E-commerce education for Dr. Nguyen Hoang Tu Anh


PGS.TS Nguyễn Hội Nghĩa và lãnh đạo Trường ĐH CNTT chụp hình kỷ niệm

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hoi Nghia and UIT managing board are taking souvenir photos

PGS.TS Nguyễn Hội Nghĩa, lãnh đạo Trường ĐH CNTT, và đại diện doanh nghiệp

Asoc. Prof. Dr Nguyen Hoi Nghia and UIT managing board and enterprises’ representatives are taking photos.

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Photos: Huy Hoàng