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CITD - Tips for Beautifying Your CV Straight from the University Campus

Whether you're a new student or still have a few years until graduation, it's never too early to start beautifying your CV. There are various ways to build a strong CV during your academic journey. The following 8 tips will help you enhance your CV and get closer to the job of your dreams!

  1. Join Academic Clubs Relevant to Your Major: Participating in academic clubs helps you apply theoretical knowledge into practical scenarios. It enhances your professional skills and builds soft skills not covered in classrooms. Being proactive, having a keen learning attitude, listening skills, diligence, and dedication are qualities nurtured in club activities that impress potential employers.

  2. Take on Leadership Roles in Social Projects or Clubs: Assuming leadership roles in clubs or social projects gives you a competitive edge. The relationships you build and the invaluable lessons learned while leading a team provide essential experiences for your career journey, accumulating knowledge and skills to challenge higher positions.

  3. Engage in Research Internships: Many companies highly value students with internship and research experience, especially those involved in scientific publications or international conferences in related fields.

  4. Participate in Volunteer Work: Volunteer activities not only provide valuable experiences but also make your CV stand out. The reasons you choose to support these activities may be unrelated to your dream job, but they showcase your commitment to improving others' lives.

  5. Start Your Own Blog: Having your blog is an excellent way to showcase your personal interests. Whether it's about travel, technology, or beauty, having a blog earns you points for passion. Employers may believe you carry the same attitude into the workplace. Moreover, successful bloggers have turned their blogs into fantastic platforms for career development.

  6. Learn a New Skill: Utilize your free time to acquire a useful skill that can enhance your CV. Enroll in a language course, practical social skills, or any skill relevant to your career goals.

  7. Be Active on Social Media: Social media is becoming increasingly important and reflects your personality clearly. Link your social media accounts on your CV. Employers can gain more insights into your interests and social communication skills. Ensure your profiles are professionally appealing to recruiters.

  8. Lastly, but not Least Important: Focus on Your Studies: While doing all the above to beautify your CV, never neglect your studies. Work experiences will make you stand out when applying for jobs, but employers also care about your academic performance. So, don't forget to study diligently!

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Hải Băng - Communication Collaborator, University of Information Technology

English version: Phan Huy Hoang


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