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First VNU-HCM’s University elected for the UIT’s Council

29 August 2019, VNUHCM - University of Information Technology (UIT) held a meeting for the delegates of staff came to give their points of view, elect the body for the UIT's governance system for the term 2019-2024.

UIT, the first university member of the VNUHCM, held the meeting to found the executive body of the UIT’s Council under the Higher Education Law. This was a step to make it better for UIT’s governance system towards the autonomous, self-responsible university.

Staff delegates elects the members for the 2019-2024 UIT’s Council

Staff delegates elects the members for the 2019-2024 UIT’s Council

At the meeting, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hoang Tu Anh – UIT’s President reported issues relating to the causes and presented the process for the UIT‘s Council to be founded. She said that UIT was on its way towards the autonomy, self-responsibility, to open door for activeness, innovation, creation so that UIT would become a top university in information technology and communications.

Besides, the meeting also approved a plan to form the body of the UIT’s Council on their first-term (2019-2024). All of the delegates at the meeting unanimously chose 21 members, including business employers, lecturers, employees and alumni who had characters of responsibility, competency, quality, prestige and a willing to contribute to the cause for both UIT and VNU-HCM. The UIT’s Council highly agreed

The members unanimously voted for the key positions in the UIT’s Council so that VNU-HCM would consider to allow to legalize the body.

2019 – 2024 UIT’s Council

2019 – 2024 UIT’s Council

Under the 2018 Amending and Supplementing Law on the Article 16 for the Higher Education, the university’s governance body is entitled to deciding strategies, carrying out development plans, and annual goals; promulgating regulations of organization, operation, finance, democracy in accordance with laws. The body also has its legal rights to approve admission plans, launch new training programs, found, merge, dissolve the offices, and the regimes of recruitment and compensation to the officials and employees, etc.

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