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International AI Workshop at the University of Information Technology, HCMUT

On April 23, the international AI workshop with the theme "Introduction to AI Training & Research at HCMUT and AI Human Resources Trends" officially took place at the University of Information Technology, HCMUT.

The workshop was part of the Site Visit Program, organized by the University of Information Technology in collaboration with the University of Technology and the University of Science. This activity was within the framework of the AI Connect II Workshop organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology in collaboration with the US Department of State through the non-governmental organization Atlantic Council (USA).

Dr. Ngo Duc Thanh represented UIT in welcoming the international delegates.

The international AI workshop consisted of two presentation parts. In the first part, representatives from universities shared about the training capacity and research orientation in AI at HCMVNU.

During his presentation, Dr. Le Thanh Sach from the University of Technology shared: In the field of AI, the university designs training programs including design, recognition, language, knowledge, and integration. The university also collaborates on research with partners domestically and internationally, investing in infrastructure for AI research with servers and specialized AI equipment.

Dr. Le Khanh Duy from the University of Science shared about AI research serving bioinformatics. Additionally, the expert affirmed that humans are the focal point of research activities related to AI.

Dr. Ngo Duc Thanh also presented the AI research activities of the University of Information Technology: The Bachelor of Artificial Intelligence program started training in 2022, providing in-depth knowledge in AI fields such as computer vision, natural language processing, and general artificial intelligence. UIT students have also participated in many international competitions related to AI and achieved impressive results.

Representatives from various universities shared about their training programs and achievements in the field of AI.

In the next part of the workshop, Mr. John Powell Adrian De Guzman - Trade Industry Development Expert of the Philippines government introduced current AI human resources trends. It is undeniable that AI brings a great opportunity to solve social, economic, environmental, and health issues.

This workshop also gathered the participation of many scholars from research institutes, universities, and students from universities in the region.

The workshop is expected to be a forum for interdisciplinary scientific knowledge exchange, sharing diverse aspects shaping new directions and innovative solutions to promote sustainable development.

Some images from the workshop:

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