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Over $VND1.5 billion in scholarships has been allocated to Covid-19 pandemics-affected students

In the 6th “UIT Anti-Covid-19” Educational Scholarship Review, 280 scholarship applications were individually reviewed by the UIT Scholarship Review Committee. 144 applications were considered for the UIT awards as they satisfied the factors such as Covid-19 hardship sufferance, in addition to students’ academic achievement, satisfactory extra curricula activities involvement, and family income. Especially, students are automatically considered for the award when their parents work on the frontlines of the coronavirus crisis. The awards are offered with the UIT’s hope to encourage 144 students to keep their motivation in study amid the pandemics.

The “UIT Anti-Covid-19” Scholarship means a cash-based gifts to UIT students who demonstrate their families and their own’s financial need. They are those who are directly suffered the impact as the pandemic has taken a devastating toll on the finances with employment layoff, lower incomes, and other circumstances.

News: Thuy Linh