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Pacific Elementary, Secondary and High School students visit UIT

As part of the series of consultancy activities for admission in 2017, the University of Information Technology welcomed a group of students from Pacific primary schools - junior high school -  high school to visit and learn about facilities, training programs creating, teaching and researching the school.

Pacific school delegation attended a field trip

In the first part of the program, which took place in 90 minutes, the delegation included 80 students from 6-grade to 12 - grade divided into 2 groups guided by the volunteers to visit the whole campus. During this trip, the students sightsaw the Data Center, library, Information Systems Laboratories, Multimedia Communication Labs, lecture halls, Office of Excellent Programs ... At each location, students are introduced to the staff, teachers, volunteers and students at the school with detailed information and answers to many questions.

Sightseeing Data Center

Dr. Ngo Thanh Hung – Head of Information Systems Laboratory introduces some produce of Lab

Dr. Nguyen Minh Son – Dean of Computer Engineering Faculty – introduces and instructs student to sightsee Office of Computer Engineering Faculty

Dr. Nguyen Minh Son introduces some model of self – detecting road developed by student of Computer Engineering Faculty

In the 60 minutes before the end of the tour, Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan – Dean of Computer Networks and Communications Faculty reports all information about schools, faculties and basic information about each field of study.

Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan introduces about UIT

The excitement for the visiting group is the presentation by TS. Nguyen Anh Tuan introduces the latest technology trends, development orientation of the Information Technology - Communication. It was in this very interesting introduction that inspired the IT enthusiasts for many of the students participating in this fact-finding tour. Closing the program, the Pacific school delegation was answered many questions about enrollment issues in the upcoming enrollment period.

Students listened attentively to the report on the development orientation of the Information Technology - Communication

At the end of the field trip, not only did the students have an exciting, informative, but also informative course about future career orientation, inspiring interest in Information Technology -  Communication. For the University of Information Technology, this is the first time to test new models in career guidance, admission counseling in 2017, contributing to the favorable momentum to organize more similar programs. In the future, contributing to the image of the University of Information Technology to many students in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring areas.

News, Photos: Office of Student Affairs