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Trần Phú - the first General Secretary of our Party, an immortal example

On the occasion of the 120th anniversary of Comrade Trần Phú's birth, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (01/5/1904 - 01/5/2024), the Central Library Center respectfully introduces to our dear readers the book "Trần Phú - the first General Secretary of the Party, an immortal example" published by the National Political Truth Publisher.

Comrade Trần Phú - the first General Secretary of our Party, dedicated his entire life to the revolutionary cause of the Party and the nation. Although sacrificing at a young age, Comrade Trần Phú made significant and important contributions to the revolutionary cause of the Party and our people, especially during the crucial turning points of the Vietnamese revolution before and after the Party was established.

In the intense revolutionary struggle history of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Comrade Trần Phú holds a special position. Standing out among the youth born and raised in the early 20th century, shaped by the national tradition and the trends of the times, Comrade Trần Phú, through self-training, rose to become one of the leading figures, the first General Secretary whose name is associated with our Party's Political Platform of 1930.

The book compiles articles from Party and State leaders, veteran revolutionaries, scientists, researchers; articles from some localities, bases, where Comrade Trần Phú was born, raised, and engaged in revolutionary activities; articles from relatives in his hometown and family.

Through various genres, with scientific, objective analysis methods, respecting history, events are interpreted based on the assessments of the Party Central Committee. The book revives a particularly important period of our country's revolution, our Party, associated with the specific historical conditions of the Indochinese revolution, the communist and international workers' movements; Helping us to further understand the background, revolutionary activities, and contributions of Comrade Trần Phú, the spiritual legacy that Comrade left for the Party and for our country's revolution. Additionally, the book also publishes some of Comrade Trần Phú's major works and related documents about his revolutionary activities.

"Trần Phú - the first General Secretary of the Party, an immortal example" with its good qualities, love for comrades and people, indomitable spirit in the face of enemies, and Comrade Trần Phú's final message "Maintain steadfast fighting spirit" will always live on with time, enduring with the Vietnamese people, persisting with the nation.

The book is available at:

Central Library Center - Headquarters.

Central Library Center - KTX B Branch.


Shelf location: 923.2597 T7721P 2014

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