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UIT Connect 2024 will continue with its 6th episode themed: "Deciphering the Appeal of Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence"

What secrets help students consistently excel in national and international competitions?

The allure of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence fields?

UIT Connect 2024 will continue its 6th episode with the theme: "DECIPHERING THE APPEAL of Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence"

Exchange with experts and UIT Ambassadors:

- MSc. Đỗ Văn Tiến - Associate Dean of the Computer Science Faculty

- Dr. Lương Ngọc Hoàng - Lecturer at the Computer Science Faculty

- UIT Student Ambassador Chu Minh Nhật Hạ - 2nd-year student, Artificial Intelligence major

Topics will include:

Exploring the career world of Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence

What makes the field appealing, with admission scores always at the TOP

Students consistently leading in national and international competitions. What's the secret?

Exchange with Student Ambassadors about the learning environment, student life

All will be decoded at 8:00 PM on April 30, 2024

The program will be broadcasted on UIT's online platforms: Facebook, YouTube, TikTok

Parents and students are cordially invited to watch.

For more details, visit: 

Ha Bang - Media Collaborator, University of Information Technology

Nhat Hien - Translation Collaborator, University of Information Technology