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Volunteer Campaign Moc VII - Recap of "Day for Kids" Event

On the morning of November 26, the Executive Board and soldiers of Volunteer Campaign MOC VII joined forces to organize a fantastic "Day for Kids" in the Hoa Thanh commune! Nothing can compare to the joy and happiness reflected on the faces of the little ones as they received gifts and participated in entertaining activities.

The atmosphere was filled with positive energy, and the radiant smiles of the youth added vibrancy to the local community. Surely, our soldiers feel immense happiness and pride in contributing to bringing warmth to these young hearts, don't they?

As the event came to a close, we had to bid farewell, but in the hearts of every soldier and child, the memories of this lovely day will linger. Hopefully, one day in the not-too-distant future, we will meet again!

Activities like these truly hold significant meaning and provide an opportunity for us to spread love, community care, and, most importantly, affection to the innocent hearts of these children.

Let's take a moment to revisit the wonderful moments and highlights of the playday!

Detailed Information:

Hạ Băng - Communication Collaborator, University of Information Technology

English version: Phan Huy Hoang