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Announcement of the Scholarship Evaluation Results for Freshmen 2023

The Department of Student Affairs announces the results of the scholarship evaluation for the Freshmen Support Scholarship 2023. At the conclusion of the scholarship application period, the university received 83 applications from the incoming freshmen of the class of 2023.

Through the independent assessment and scoring of each application, the university has compiled a list of students prioritized to receive sponsored scholarships from various businesses, as listed below.

The university will continue to seek additional funding to support the remaining students on the scholarship waiting list, as well as supplement scholarships for those who have not received the full amount to cover semester tuition fees.

Due to scholarships being sponsored by different businesses with varying funding levels, each student will continue to receive scholarships until the total amount received equals the semester tuition fee.

For each distribution round, The Department of Student Affairs will send individual notifications via email to the respective students.

Students who have applied for scholarships but have not yet received them are advised to await further evaluations in subsequent rounds during this semester.

For more detailed information, please visit:

Ha Bang - Communication Collaborator, University of Information Technology

English version: Phan Huy Hoang