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Malware could kill people

TTO – Malware attacks massively the organizations, enterprises on 74 countries on 12 and 13 May not only by ít blackmail but also people’s threatening.

Network attacking aims to hospital is rarely of cyber criminal, but the siren for its danger. Photo: Financial Times


Ransomware is a cyber security term used to refer to malware when it spreads into a computer or device, which coded the intended data (usually textual formatted files or files in the format or application and then extort Bitcoin Digital Subscriber (BTC) over underground networks hard to trace.

Victims are often unable to retrieve encrypted data unless there is a decryption key available. Even if they pay for the criminals, it is not certain that the criminals will return the data. That is enterprises’ the point of death when ransomware penetrate their computer systems.


The computers in the network are paralyzed and present ransomware messages - Photo: Zero Hedge

Ransomware has existed and developing for the last three years with net income for cyber criminals, but most computer and mobile users are unaware of this type of malware. . And during the event last week, the whole world began to shudder to know ransomware named WannaCry (Want to cry - pv) or full name Ransom: Win32 / WannaCrypt and its impact, level and ability to influence.

WannaCry is spreading to universities, a big Spanish telecommunications company, America’s FedEx Corp., Russia's Megafon, and Russia's Ministry of Internal Affairs (Russia's Ministry of Internal Affairs confirms nearly 1% of its computers). infected with malware)


Can Ransomware kill people?

Not directly, but indirectly. The evidence for this is that a series of hospitals in the UK’s the network are attacked, causing the computer system and the mobile network controlled by the computer be stopped.

There is no doubt about the confusion of the hospital and the patients that criminals have committed recently. Health records, patient illnesses, the condition of the person being treated, or the communication system ... are either dead or falling into the hands of cyber-crooks, and worse than extortion through ransomware.

Notice of disconnection of the East and North Hertfordshire hospital communication system of the NHS Trust on 12 May - Photo: The Telegraph

According to CNN, some hospitals in the emergency situation must issue a notice recommending that patients temporarily comed to the hospital, except in some urgent cases.

Through the attack on hospitals in England, ransomware Malware shows that it can directly affect human life, creating a chaotic situation for the whole country.


The TechCrunch technology news site reported a "shocking" number, with about 85% of US hospitals without a network security specialist in the IT team. And the expert even has no way to save the consequences that ransomware caused as the "Malware spreading" 12 May ago.

What percentage will be in Vietnam? - The answer will probably be for a frightening fact.

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From the past until now, hospitals are rarely the target of cybercrime, especially with hackers because there are always tacit standards of ethics. However, with WannaCry, all illusion and subjectivity collapsed, and the price was very expensive, both figuratively and literally.

It’ too late to lock the stable when the horse is stolen

The urgent issue is to update the patch was released from Microsoft March (MS17-010) for the computer running Windows. This avoids hacking the ransomware network from the US National Security Agency (NSA) leaking fault exploiting devices. This tool has been used by criminals to spread WannaCry on the wide range.

For Windows XP, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2003, despite the expiration of technical support, Microsoft has released a patch version for the user (select the Windows version and download it here). This is a very applauded action from Microsoft.

In addition, individual and business users have the option of transferring important data to an external storage drive, without saving to another partition / the other drive on the computer, which can be stored on cloud store. However, note the synchronization feature accidentally put malware "cloud "into the data.

For businesses and organizations to regularly / automatically backing up important data, copying periodically, updating and saving them to different devices.

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Kaspersky experts have recently broken many criminals networks spreading ransomware, grabbing the decrypt data keys encrypted by some ransomware, putting them into the free tools for both individuals and businesses (reference here).

In addition, Kaspersky Internet Security software has also integrate Anti-Ransomware tool, assuring users of the spreading of variants of Malware.