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UIT held the Algorithmic Programming Contest – UIT ACM

12 July 2020 - The 11th UIT - ACM Programming Contest closed with 04 prizes for the final result that went to the top 4 teams from the large VNUHCM’s universities.

First prize: HCMIU_Crash - International University;

Second prize: HCMUS_TMP - University of Science;

Third prize: HCMUIT_OnlyBoys – University of Technology

The best young team: Lu_Tran_Iz_da_best - University of Information Technology (UIT).

The vibrant grand final round was taken place on the high-temperature Sunday and with the participation of 330 contestants who were universities students. Especially, the contest had the students from Gia Dinh High school as they were invited for their best results of the last year’s UIT ACM. The contest was called excellent chance for the students to compete with top case teams in computer algorithmic programming in student-wide. At the contest, the effervescence heightened the contestants’ passion and get them wrapped up in competitiveness which brought the success to the UIT ACM. Besides, it also matched the organizers’ initial purpose in the making of the contest. It was any participated students were offered opportunities to develop their experience and make perfect their skills which are rarely gained while studying. During the contests, the Board of Organizing were able to filter those with gifted in order to nurture their talent and build a team of the best of the best ones. Besides, UIT ACM was to get students familiar with the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.

UIT ACM is an annual competition organized by the Board of Computer Science Faculty and in collaboration with Student Affairs Office. UIT ACM is open for all students from universities in Ho Chi Minh City. After 10 seasons, 2020 was the last year that it was still called with the name “UIT ACM”. From 2021, a name refresh "UCPC-UIT Competitive Program Challenge" for the latest version was officially announced by the Organizing Board.

Photos at the Contest:







English version: Duong Kim Thuy Linh

Photo: Organizing Board