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UIT’s students are proud to do volunteering to tidy up the largest isolation area in Ho Chi Minh City

From March 19, 2020 and within few days, UIT’s students and others from the VNU-HCM's member universities were in the hustle and bustle to do volunteering job with Vietnam’s army soldiers and militia in the zones A, B at the VNU-HCM’s dormitory.

The volunteers cleaned up the room, tallied, made a list of the belongings in each room, and sealed them off before locating the property in warehouses. Currently, the students adapted to the change in classes from traditional to online ones. They also took their time to tackle the mess at the Dormitory as a harbinger of their social accountability in fighting coronavirus in the country. This manual work was quite sweating due to the large number of belongings were left behind. However, this did not prevent themselves from finding happiness and enthusiasm in what they were doing.

Besides UIT’s students who were staying in the neighborhood of UIT’s campus, others who were working, and living in other provinces also wished to contribute to this volunteering job. In particular, UIT’s lecturers and its students hand in hand with the Dormitory were so proud to contribute to fight the spread of the pandemic in the country.

Translator: Duong Kim Thuy Linh