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Google teach computer science for free

TTO – Computer Science is the hot field in the world, and ranked one of the top 10 job vacancies in 2017.

As introduced on Google Education website, “Computer Science leads to innovation, reaches desirable career opportunities.”

Educational website on Computer Science created by Google for students to access resources in this area is totally free.

We believe that all students deserve these opportunities. That’s why Google is committed to developing programs, resources, tools and engaging in communities to make Computer Science more interesting and accessible to all students.

Google Education

The Google Education website - Computer Science is divided into 5 sections, consisting of learning, knowledge-supporting resources, communities so students can learn from each other, grants, and career opportunities.

The Resources section contains research reports on Computer science which are very useful not only for students but also those working in the field. Besides these are very practical tools and exercises.

According to Payscale’s statistics, IT staffs in Computer Science (CS) always earn at least $120,000 a year or more, and demand is always high.


Translator: Duong Kim Thuy Linh