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The latest version of a ransomware-type virus in Vietnam

More than 3,900 computers were encrypted by GandCrab which is a ransomware-type virus and demands payments.

According to a Whitehat security forum, the virus is the fifth generation version of the GandCrab virus. The first generation was first discovered globally in January 2018. This nefarious code has been updated and upgraded by hackers to a more sophisticated and complex level.

Around 4,000 infected computers by this encryption software are tending to spread on the Internet in Vietnam. GandCrab is spread by a method in which criminals behind it send victims fake emails to instruct them to open the attached file in a text format. In case you open the file, your computer gets infected with malicious code and all data on the computer will be encrypted completely, unable to open.

Ransom notice on an infected GandCrab computer

Ransom notice on an infected GandCrab computer

A ransom notice appears on the victim's computer, giving users payment instructions by installing the Tor browser to pay money in Dash or Bitcoin. The payment is ranged from $200 to $1,200 depending on the amount of encrypted data. BKAV said no victim paid money to the hackers.

Security experts recommend users need to install updated anti-virus software to computers, do not open doubted attachments from unsolicited junk emails. In cases they have to, they are advised to open the file in a Safe Run environment.

According to Bkav's figures in 2017, computer viruses inflicted financial losses to Vietnamese people estimated in VND12,300 billion, equivalent to USD540 million.