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The University set up a student satisfaction survey machine

TTO - "How do you feel when working with the Student Affairs Office?", which is a questionnaire survey on the touch screen placed in front of the student office of the University of Information Technology - VNUHCM.

Trường đại học đặt máy khảo sát mức độ hài lòng sinh viên

Students expressed their satisfaction and comments to the Student Affairs Office at UIT –VNUHCM

This system helps the UIT change its listening habits from students. To answer the above question, students choose one of five emotion icons: extreme frustration, sadness, normal, happy and extremely satisfied.

The machine also asks students to leave a few specific comments. At the trial level, the field has not yet purchased the evaluation tool, so the data collected from the machine is only synthesized as an Excel file and sent to the computer managed by the student affairs manager.

This is the technology of a startup company, founded by former Le Hong Phong high school students with American and Vietnamese engineers, developed in the US as ConfiguRate (Rapid Assessment Software).

"Each surveyor is a 24-hour, 24-hour camera with a camera system that records statistics and makes recommendations.

The system is responsible for transferring information and suggestions of students into cloud data, management organizations can view information immediately, "- said Tran Thi Kieu Oanh, representative of the company.

"Depending on the needs, the machine unit can put different types of questions. The student satisfaction survey directly from students creates excitement for them when they come to the Student Affairs Office and encourage the spirit of learning, creative, start up their business, "- said Mr. Nguyen Van Toan, Head of the Student Affairs Office, said.

Photo & News: TƯỜNG HÂN