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Vietnam took its toll of 10.400 billion vietnam dong by computer viruses

TTO – BKAV Corporation has released a report on network security 2016 and forecast 2017.

According to a report, in 2016, Vietnam’s computer users were damage up to 10,400 billion VND, by computer viruses, exceeding 8.700 billion VND in 2015. Ransomware data encryption, virus via USB, junk mails and risk of the intentional APT attacks are the themes in 2016.

Statistics from BKAV’s virus monitoring system show that up to 16% of email traffic in 2016 is Ransomware email distribution, 20 times more than that in 2015. Ransomware specializes in encrypting data files on the machine, stopping users from opening files unless they pay a ransom to hackers.

In addition, according to BKAV's 2016 network security rating, USB infection in 2016 accounts for 83%. Around 16.7 million computers have been detected to be infected with USB-attached viruses in 2016. USB continues to be the most common source of the virus.

According to BKAV, the Vietnam Airlines’ attack on July 29th 2016 is a warning of risks that APT attacks in Vietnam is on the rise.

To prevent the risk of further APT attacks, BKAV recommended that users open files received from the Internet in a Safe Run quarantine environment and install antivirus software on their computer.

Meanwhile, in 2016, 85% of Facebook users in Vietnam were experiencing annoyance with fraudulent messages, pornography or malicious links with malicious code.

BKAV predicted that in 2017 there would be more intentional APT attacks, extorting cryptanalysis would continue to explode, and new forms of diffusion with variation would appear. Mobile malware continued to grow, with many lines of code exploiting vulnerabilities to gain root access, controlling the entire device.

In addition, the explosion of Internet connection devices (IoT) such as WiFi routers, IP cameras would be the hacker's goal.


Translator: Duong Kim Thuy Linh